Born and raised in Toronto, Melissa remains based in the city.  After earning an honours degree in art history and psychology, with a fine arts minor, from the University of Toronto, Melissa also completed a diploma in furniture craft and design from Sheridan College.  She has organically transitioned to painting after years of exploring other mediums.  Melissa is passionate maker, always dreaming of the next travel adventure.


Artist statement

My work is infused with the optimism and serendipity of adventure. I focus on capturing the essence of spontaneous and joyful moments.  I think of my paintings as visual reminders to pause, take in the present, and look to the good of what is happening here and now.  They are snap shots of memories and moments – be it from travels to faraway places, birds in flight overhead, scenic drives in the country, or walking and looking up in my city.  


Many pieces are based on photos taken during my travels. Proudly Canadian, I also enjoy painting nostalgic iconography. I create work with loose brushstrokes and use acrylic for immediacy and vibrancy.